2 Ears & 1 Mouth – Use In Proportion

Someone once said, “you have 2 ears and 1 mouth, use in proportion.”

I have a baby brother who’s 23 years younger than me. Naturally, the human, big sister part of me has always been protective. There was a moment, however, when he was a teenager, that I had a wake-up call.

Back then I had just found out about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or tapping as is commonly known. I arrived home all enthused to share this technique with my entire family. I barely remember paying attention to his facial expression while tapping, to gauge if he even wanted to do this. Who wouldn’t? At least, so I thought.

He confessed to me the other day how much he hated me at the time and didn’t wanna do the “tapping thing”. When I asked him why he would object to a technique that I thought was supposed to help make him feel better. His response left me dumbfounded: “Sis, I had my own outlets for my pain at the time. I used to play soccer, write poetry and listened to soothing music.” I proceeded to ask why he didn’t say anything since we were raised to express our feelings. He responded by saying: “I didn’t wanna be the weakest link, the only one not participating when the whole family was in on it.”

I had no idea! Firstly, I didn’t bother to ask if he had his own coping mechanism. After all, he was just a kid to me, so big sister mode thought I knew what was best for him.How often do we do this in our business relationships? How would our relationships with clients change if we used our ears and mouths in proportion? If we took the time to understand their problems (and the language they use), and then provided solutions that speak to those problems?WIIFM (“What’s In It For Me) – Every client / customer always asks the question, “What’s In It For Me?” You can enter the room with all the passion in the world, but does it solve your customer’s problem?

Mark Cuban said “the biggest lie we have been sold is to follow your passion”. One thing I have learned about online entrepreneurship is that prospective clients do not care about your passion. All they want to know is “WIIFM”.
Communication may be a 2-way process but even more importantly, use your ears and mouth in proportion.