4 Ways to Take Your Coaching Business to The Next Level

You’re a new coach with a million ideas about how you are going to change the world.  You’re an established coach looking to broaden your client base.  The pandemic has changed your values and you realize you want to go global, becoming larger than just a Facebook page.  No matter which of these describes you, a marketing plan for your coaching business is a MUST!

Where do you start?  You know you want to attract clients, but there are an infinite number of ways to market yourself.  Which will be most successful?  Here are the 4 most important steps in giving your business the boost it needs. BONUS…they are all FREE!

1.  Set up a website with a blog.

This is your very first step!  You need a webpage to send potential clients to.  A place where they can learn about you, see what you have to offer, and connect with you.  This will enable potential clients to determine if you are good fit for what they are looking for.  But, how will people find your website?  A google search, of course!  The blog on your website will generate key words that will pull your website when someone searches.  Don’t feel overwhelmed by a blog.  There are millions of things you can write or hire someone to write about.  A great first post is the story about how you found your way into becoming a life changer!

2.  Create social media pages.

Everyone is attached to their phones these days.  People are spending countless hours on social media platforms.  Your business needs to be there!  Create an account on all the major social media platforms. (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc.)  Once you have created accounts on these platforms, you can share with the world your website, your goings-on, what inspires you…anything that relates to marketing yourself to your potential clients.

3.  Email.

Send an email to everyone in your address book letting them know what you are up to.  You can tell them about your website, ask them to like and follow your social media pages, and ask them to contact you with questions.  You can even add a free appointment scheduler in your signature line to allow people to set up a meeting to discuss your endeavors.  Sending an email brings you to the forefront in people’s minds and allows you to re-connect with them.

4.  Create a FREE profile on LifeChangers.Info.

One of the best and easiest ways to market yourself is by creating a FREE profile on LifeChangers.Info.  LifeChangers is an online directory that was founded with the purpose of helping specialists build their client base.  Within a few minutes, you can have your profile completed and become a searchable member of their site.  As potential clients look for their life changer, they will be matched directly with you! 

Taking advantage of these 4 marketing tools will help launch you into growth! Best of luck, and remember, you’re a Rock Star!


  • Joanna is a proud entrepreneur and can often be found singing in the car with her two kids. Starting her first successful business when she was 17 and being president of the Young Entrepreneur’s Society at the University of Georgia, she never closed the door on opportunity. She then went on to Northwestern University and attained her Masters in Science, becoming a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. After being a successful LMFT in the northern suburbs of Chicago for more than 10 years while simultaneously running a mindful goods boutique for 5 years and accomplishing a 200 hour yoga teaching certification, Joanna was itching for a new adventure. After a phone conversation with a friend in California discussing ways to grow her Life Coaching business, the idea came about that independent professionals, such as Life Coaches, Health and Wellness Coaches and other similar people in the life changing business, needed a resource to connect potential clients with the LifeChanger they were seeking. That’s how her newest venture, LifeChangers.info was born. LifeChangers has a mission to connect professionals with a new client base using a simple and inclusive site. When she’s not seeing clients or working to grow LifeChangers.Info, you can find Joanna hiking, making terrariums or, well, singing in the car with her kids...likely to Billy Joel or Indigo Girls.

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