5 Ideas To Get Your Coaching Blog Off The Ground

Having a blog on your coaching website is one of the best ways to attract new clients.  There are so many topics you could write about, but sometimes it is hard to know where to begin or how to effectively write blog posts that pertain to your audience.  Here is our guide to getting your successful coaching blog started. 

  1. 1. Ask yourself, who am I writing for?

When you start your blog pieces, it is important you have a target audience in mind.   First you have to decide who your ideal client is.  When you went into the coaching business, who were you trying to reach?  Your articles are going to look very different if your potential clients are teenagers vs if they are businessmen looking for a career change.  

  •  2. Think about the problems your ideal client would face.

Make a list of the problems that your potential clients may face.  These topics would be an excellent place to start with a blog post.  For example, if your ideal client is someone who would be looking for a new career path, a good article might be about how to find your passion in a new career.  If your ideal client is a new mother looking for ways to understand her new identity, a good blog article may be about how your perspectives change when you become a new mother.  Thinking through the problems potential clients may face will be directly tied to the key words they search for in solving those problems and thus your blog topics will be direct hits.

  •  3. Share success stories.

People love results.  Sharing a well written story on your blog about a client who had success with you as their coach would be a fabulous way to showcase your work.  Just make sure you have either asked the client for permission to share the story or changed enough in the details that the person would not easily be identified.

  • 4. Stay tuned to current events

Staying relevant and tuned in to current events can help understand some context with certain clients and their challenges.  If there is recent news that would likely affect your ideal, potential client, that would be a great topic to write an article around.  Additionally, it is important to be aware and sensitive in your blog posts to things that are hot button items in the world.

  •  5. Interact.

It is so important that you interact with your audience.  You want to engage anyone that reads your blog articles.  There are a number of ways you can do this.  First of all, ask people to comment.  This may be by concluding your article with a question or asking people to share a relevant thought on the topic.  Be sure you are responding to every comment that is left on your page.  Second, give your readers an offer at the end of each blog post.  One popular offer is ‘click here to schedule your FREE 15-minute session with me!’  Finally, make sure you are sharing your blog posts on all your social media platforms.  Encourage people to share your post on social media.  The more interaction you get on social media the more you will attract new clients.  You may also want to include social media buttons at the end of each post to encourage readers to share directly from your site.

No matter where you are in your coaching journey, adding a blog to your website will mean a major boost in clients.  These five tips on how to create a successful blog with help you get from overwhelmed to productive in no time!


  • Joanna is a proud entrepreneur and can often be found singing in the car with her two kids. Starting her first successful business when she was 17 and being president of the Young Entrepreneur’s Society at the University of Georgia, she never closed the door on opportunity. She then went on to Northwestern University and attained her Masters in Science, becoming a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. After being a successful LMFT in the northern suburbs of Chicago for more than 10 years while simultaneously running a mindful goods boutique for 5 years and accomplishing a 200 hour yoga teaching certification, Joanna was itching for a new adventure. After a phone conversation with a friend in California discussing ways to grow her Life Coaching business, the idea came about that independent professionals, such as Life Coaches, Health and Wellness Coaches and other similar people in the life changing business, needed a resource to connect potential clients with the LifeChanger they were seeking. That’s how her newest venture, LifeChangers.info was born. LifeChangers has a mission to connect professionals with a new client base using a simple and inclusive site. When she’s not seeing clients or working to grow LifeChangers.Info, you can find Joanna hiking, making terrariums or, well, singing in the car with her kids...likely to Billy Joel or Indigo Girls.

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