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About Me

Adele is a transition coach and mentor. Committed to seeing a world filled with thriving individuals living their lives authentically, she created the S.P.A.R.K.© self-alignment model and programme, to help clients around the world leverage their strengths and overcome their fears to transition into having a purpose-driven life.

She believes that having clarity and alignment of one’s values, strengths, vision and purpose – “core elements” of oneself – are essential in enabling a person to take ownership and be the agent of their own life. This is because when you are certain of who you are and what you want, and they are in alignment, you will live your life authentically as you achieve ambitions that fulfills you.


Life, Career, Leadership, Relationships


Mastercard, Visa, Bank Transfer


BSc Biochemistry, Coach Essential Graduate


University of Malaya, Coach U Inc

How Do You Change Lives?

The best way to answer this question is to share a couple of client stories with you and the common themes from the testimonials I’ve received which you can read for yourselves on my website too.

The first story is about a client who is an established Communications expert in the finance industry for nearly two decades. When she came to me, it seemed like she’s had it with the corporate world and wanted to start her own gig. By helping her to take a step back and consider the various elements in her life to put things into perspective for her, she came to a realisation that it wasn’t the corporate space or communications role that she’s had enough of. It’s the finance industry. Overcoming the feeling of being inadequate, she seized an opportunity to transition into the property industry. Now, she’s putting her stake into the ground and making great strides in her communications career as she told me that she felt “seen”, “heard” and got her “mojo” back.

The second story is about a client who is an accomplished HR personnel in a global corporate organisation felt that she’s exhausted her options to be able to continue growing and live her purpose optimally despite loving what she was doing. Standing at this crossroad and not knowing where to start, she decided to embark on the S.P.A.R.K.© programme journey with me. By the end of the programme, she came away with 3 clear goals for her career and life. She’s now well on her way in realising these goals as she transitioned into a medium-sized corporation that allows her to integrate her passion for mindfulness within the capacity of her HR role; and wanting to have the time to pursue her other passion – writing, she chose a work arrangement that only requires her on a part-time basis.

How we will work together to achieve similar results as the above for you?

You will find our partnership to be a safe and structured space to explore. This is because in our sessions, I’ll be curious with you. We will journey together to the depths and lengths that you’re willing to go. At the same time, I serve as the second pair of eyes to keep your “red thread” in check so that you’re kept on track towards your goal. 

You can certainly expect to be encouraged and challenged by me. To quote some words used by previous clients to describe this – “gentle push”, “can do attitude”, “ignites a fire within me”, “unlock my thinking” and “find new ways”. My role is to support you to create possibilities to achieve your ambition. So, you can definitely bet on getting stretched in the process. 

I will be keeping you focused and holding you to account because words without action amount to nothing. Hence, I will be the mirror that reflects the commitments you have made to yourself to ensure that you honor them. All I want is for you to succeed in being your authentic self and achieve goals that fulfill you. 

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