Amanda Calzolaio Leadership and Team Coach Amanda Calzolaio Leadership and Team Coach

Amanda Calzolaio

Amanda Calzolaio

Amanda Calzolaio
Leadership and Team Coach

About Me

Amanda is a leadership coach and a team coach, specializing in helping people find fulfillment in their professional and personal lives. My goal is to nurture you to reach your goal(s) while adapting to change one step at a time.

Amanda spent over 15 years working in the world of healthcare, mostly in mental health, and higher education. In large complex organizations, she created and led teams, been both an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur creating system change, and she provided care to those in aligning health. Her passions include painting, gardening, martial arts, hiking, kayaking, baking, playing with her son, and designing people-centric experiences.

Amanda coached clients in leadership, career and life transitions. She supported business and personal development growth, retention and change. Her practice focuses on strengthening mindsets, team cultures, designing futures, confidence building, and aligning your values to work, home and community needs.

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