Andrea Manning

Andrea Manning

Andrea B. Manning
Life Coach, Rites of Passage Guide, Facilitator of Women’s Circles, Restorative yoga Instructor, Grief Ritual Facilitator, Meditation Guide

About Me

Andrea Manning is a Personal Life Coach,  Rites of Passage Guide, and Restorative yoga teacher.  She uses meditation, ritual and ceremony, Restorative yoga, and body-centered tools to honor women and families in times of transition and major milestones.


Life Coaching, Rites of Passage for families and Women stepping into new chapters


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Martha Beck’s Wayfinder Life Coach Training, Judith Lasater’s Restorative yoga Teacher Training Level 1, currently a student of Grief Mentoring Program with Lawrence Cole and Therese Charvet


How Do You Change Lives?

Our ancestors knew the healing medicine that comes from taking the time to honor endings with pause, with simple ritual, and with a range of emotions.  It’s only our current culture that encourages a “moving on” and “staying strong” mentality.  This path builds a life with a crumbly foundation.  When we pause to honor life transitions, we make open ourselves to what is bubbling under the surface: grief and fear.  When expressed, we make space for joy and aliveness.  I guide clients through change with presence and honoring so their most empowered and resilient self rises to the surface ready for the next chapter.

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