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Angela Attiah

Soul Care & Coaching
Prophetic Minister

About Me

I offer a prophetic approach in helping folks connect with the voice of God, who empowers Christians to live holy and victorious lives, through the supernatural gifts of His Holy Spirit.



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Ordained Independent Minister IL Certified Sexual Abuse Survivor Advocate & Volunteer IL Certified Domestic Violence Crisis Volunteer, Immanuel Emotional Healing Facilitator Journey Healing Group Facilitator


School of Peace & Connection, Positive Outcomes Consulting Partnering With Holy Spirit, The Chapel Holy Spirit Camp, Positive Outcomes Consulting Hearing God Prophecy I & II, 3:20 Ministries SOZO | Saved. Healed. Delivered., Bethel Church Understanding Dreams & Visions, Streams Ministries The Art of Hearing God, Streams Ministries

How Do You Change Lives?

Do you suffer from tormenting thoughts, disturbing dreams, or unrelenting bad luck? Or perhaps you live with fear and anxiety caused by past traumatic experiences. In our session, we’ll partner with the Spirit of God and His Word to obtain deliverance and healing in your soul. Did you know, Christians are given supernatural gifts and abilities (1 Corinthians 12:8-10, Romans 12:6-8, Ephesians 4:11), in order to walk in the same power as Jesus Christ? You are destined to be an overcomer; not by your own strength, but by the power of His Spirit.
The Bible is filled with stories of God speaking through angels, dreams, and visions. If you need validation and guidance for what you’ve been hearing, seeing, and feeling in the unseen dimensions, then you have found your match! Are you ready to move beyond debilitating fear, and step into the peace, joy, and righteousness promised by Jesus? Reach out today to learn how you can live a holy and victorious life through the power of Holy Spirit.

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