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Anita Charlot

Relationship Architect Academy LLC
Executive Relationship Coach for Women, Founder and CEO, Women Impact Network Board Member, Women In Technology Co-Chair

About Me

As a happily married dual-preneur for almost 30 years, I have helped hundreds of women at the top of their industry navigate their competing work, home, and love life responsibilities with confidence and calm, all while being in command of their emotions.


Executive Relationship Coach Self-Confidence Coach Dating & Marriage Coaching Life Management Work Life Choices Finding (then using) Your Voice Self-Worth


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Trauma Informed Yoga Training Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP) Green Belt – Six Sigma


BS in Metaphysics BS in Business Administration Doctoral Student – Metaphysical Psychology

How Do You Change Lives?

Women work with me when they:

1. Have reached the top of the corporate ladder and trying to determine their next move.

2. Are ready to love and need help with identifying then attracting the right one.

3. Are ready to uncover their hidden blocks to happiness in business and love.

4. Are leaders in their industry yet still suffer from Imposter Syndrome.

5. Realize that their identity has been tied to being a great employee, a good wife, and a better mother and want to find out who SHE is.

6. Love what they do but need to learn how to balance competing responsibilities.

7. Want to take an honest look at themselves to turn up the heat in their love lives.

8. She has reached a turning point in her life and is trying to figure out “What’s next?”

9. Are ready to heal their hearts from past pain/abuse and learn how to trust and love again!

I have the ability to “read between the lies” that my clients have allowed to run/ruin their lives. Helping them to get clear on the life they REALLY want and then teaching them how to attract it with grace and ease is my “Black Girl Magic!”

My clients continue to work with me because I give them permission to unapologetically put themselves on their calendars, support them when just the thought of doing this sends them into a panic attack, and hold them accountable until it becomes second nature for them to do it for themselves. In essence, give back the “ME time” that they so willingly gave away.

I know firsthand how women carry so many bags around with them that often, they are so exhausted that they cannot manage their emotions –at work or home – due to the pressure of trying to balance it all. Through working with me, my clients are imbued with confidence and calm while being in command of their emotions. Instead of being pulled too far to the left or the right, just like the justice scale…they become the stand in the middle.

As a woman in leadership and a domestic abuse survivor, my mission is to dare women to be happy both at work and in love and teach them exactly how to do it!

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