Beth Colman

Balanced Fitness With Beth


I offer affordable training options (which includes helping people of different economic backgrounds) to achieve their wellness goals.  I have different options available that allow flexibility with scheduling, duration, and location of training, along with weight loss assistance and food ideas.


  • Personal Training. Accountability Coach


Cost per Session: $

Pay By: Mastercard, Visa, Venmo


License/Certification: ACSM Personal Trainer

School: coursework in exercise kinesiology, exercise physiology, anatomy, coaching and wellness

How Do You Change Lives?

I have a sincere and empathetic approach to helping all of my clients.  I consider all aspects of their lives which involves understanding their stress levels, sleep patterns, work- load, life challenges, eating routines, confidential medical information, ailments, along with their specific goals in order to provide them with the most efficient, realistic, and life-lasting results.  I consider budgets in order for my clients to be able to afford  these services.