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Bonnie Block

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Energy Healer Teacher


Thanks to a tennis injury in Fall 2017, I was in A LOT of pain. The orthopedic surgeon told me I had a Frozen Shoulder, which explained why I couldn’t do any lifting, reaching or moving my right arm without feeling SO MUCH PAIN. I didn’t want to do surgery so I was told to be prepared for 18 months of physical therapy….and off I went.

During this time, I began watching a show on Lifetime called “The Healer”. It was about an incredible energy healer – Charlie Goldsmith – who could take away people’s physical pain through energy healing. He simply closed his eyes, cupped his hands and within a few minutes, his clients would tell him how much better they felt.

Charlie explained the tingling of his hands and being able to shoot out energy. Knowing I always felt this tingling – but just assumed it was my thyroid acting up as usual – I thought, hmmm…maybe I should give this a shot. And with that, I placed my left hand over my injury, shooting out my own energy.

You can call it whatever you want, but all I know is that after two minutes of shooting out energy… pain WENT AWAY.

I still had to go through physical therapy to strengthen and increase the rotation of my shoulder during the next few months. But after that very moment….there was simply no more pain.

A week later I went to a small group session led by an incredible medium in Chicago – Lisa Nitzkin. Like everybody else in the room getting the chance to talk to their dearly departed, my own grandma also came down to say hi : )

When it came to my turn, Lisa — or I should say my Grandma Ruth – was VERY excited to say that she saw me practicing healing on myself and how adamant she was that I continue to practice on myself and on others. Not only could I help others with their own pain, but that I could teach as well so that others could do this too….and that is where I am today by sharing what I do on my website.  Hopefully this will allow people to practice on themselves and make a positive impact in their own physical or emotional discomfort.


  • Energy Healing - Learning how you can heal yourself (physically & mentally) through energy healing on your own


Cost per Session: $My site is available for anybody to read and learn how to practice energy healing on yourself

Pay By: Mastercard, Visa, Venmo


License/Certification: My Grandma in Spirit certified me (during a reading) to believe in myself and help educate others - does that count? : )

School: Reading and participating in a lot of workshops with Charlie Goldsmith and then practicing on myself and others - I continue to learn and grow!

How Do You Change Lives?

I offer my website as a starting point to learn how you can work on yourself physically and mentally through various energy healing techniques.  If you are interested in learning in more advance techniques or suggestions, please feel free to email!