Brandy DAVIS

Senior Coach


Brandy has been a professional life coach for over 6 years as a private life coach, as well as being a part of a company providing coaching services. She holds two Psychology degrees and comes highly recommended by esteemed professors in the domain. Her academic background gives her the tools to analyze relationship dynamics and come up with plans of action that gets her clients real results. She specializes in romantic relationships, sexuality, and interpersonal conflict resolution. She has worked with many clients to surmount difficult situations and achieve their relationship goals.


  • Relationship and Couples Coaching
  • Dating coaching


Cost per Session: $varies

Pay By: PayPal, Major Credit Cards



School: Bachelor of Science in Psychology

How Do You Change Lives?

I change lives by helping people join the dating world with actionable advice. Dating is hard these days and it requires confidence. I help people gain the confidence and the tools that they need to put themselves out there. I also help couples and individuals with their relationship goals and issues. I deal with everything from cheating to healthy communication. I can help couples and individuals overcome may relationship issues as well as personal issues that keep them from having the relationship that they truly desire.