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Carrie Drapac

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TRE® Provider, SourcePoint Therapy® Practitioner, Somatic Educator, Personal Trainer

About Me

I am an interdisciplinary artist, healer, and entrepreneur; Trained in SourcePoint Therapy, Somatic Movement, and TRE (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises), I create an interdisciplinary approach to healing through nervous system regulation.


Nervous System Regulation Somatic Practice Energy Healing Intuitive Movement


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Certified TRE® Provider Certified Personal Trainer


Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE®) Certification Training Levels 1&2 SourcePoint® Therapy Levels 1-3 & Adv. Level 1 Training National Personal Training Institute, CPT BFA, New York University

How Do You Change Lives?

Working in an interdisciplinary fashion, I weave together modalities to meet each client where they are in each session. There is no formula to healing; it is an individual experience based on the current state and needs of each unique person.

My work focuses on regulating the nervous system: educating on the nervous system through experiential somatic practice, building baseline capacity for sensing one’s own state and leaning how to shift states when needed, clearing the history of threat response stored in our tissue that creates physical pain and behavioral patterns, moving beyond surviving into thriving.

Each of the modalities I offer are powerful in their own right but when used together, in alignment with the clients’ needs, they treat imbalance on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level, realigning my clients with their intrinsic state of health and well-being.

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