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Coralie Huard – Sasada

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Certified Law of Attraction coach, personal development coach for women’s empowerment and well-being, energy healer/ Reiki, EFT and NLP practitioner.

About Me


My name is Coralie Huard – Sasada. I’m a certified life coach, an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner, an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner, and an energy healer for women’s empowerment and well-being.

I feel very passionate about helping women to overcome their life challenges while aligning themselves with their passion, purpose and well-being.

I’m currently studying mediumship to become a certified medium as well, and become a channel and a bridge of love and comfort between the physical and the spirit worlds.

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Sending you all love and light~



Women’s holistic well-being, empowerment and healing


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Certified Law of Attraction coach Certified Life and Success coach Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner Certified Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner Certified clinical hypnotherapist Certified TIME techniques practitioner Certified Reiki practitioner (level 1 and 2) Certified Akashic Light Clearings and Activations practitioner


BA in English, early childhood education, Life coaching, deep mindset work, energy healing and mediumship.

How Do You Change Lives?

I change women’s lives through life coaching while incorporating deep mindset work (NLP), manifestation work (Law of Attraction), emotional healing (EFT), and energy healing for a holistic well-being and empowering experience to help them move forwards and achieve their heart’s deepest desires to create the life that they truly want to live. I want to give women the needed tools so that they can become empowered to overcome any life challenges and achieve their dreams and goals in alignment with joy, balance and well-being.

I look forward to supporting you in your life journey~

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Coralie Huard – Sasada