Dr. Kerri Nevin

Heart Light Psychological/Wellness Services
Doctor of Clinical Psychology; Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach


Dr. Kerri Nevin, co-owner of Heart Light Psychological/Wellness Services, is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology and Wellness Coach certified by the Mayo Clinic. She has been in private practice in Bannockburn with her husband, Dr. Paul Nevin, for over twenty years. She was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition known as Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis in 2011. Dr. Kerri experienced many severe symptoms such as intense fatigue, mood swings, skin problems and weight gain, just to name a few. After going from doctor to doctor with no answers about her condition, she decided to forge her own path to healing. Dr. Nevin made it her mission to discover her personal formula for optimal health. Based on her expertise as a clinician, wellness coach, as well as her own personal experience with thyroid disease, Dr. Kerri created the THRIVE Program: Mind/ Body Wellness for Autoimmune and Chronic Health Conditions. It is Dr. Kerri’s passion and pleasure to share what she has learned with those who are battling mind/body health challenges, and are interested in not just surviving, but THRIVING in life.


  • Facilitating mind/body health and wellness for those with psychological, autoimmune and chronic health conditions


Cost per Session: $$200.00-$300.00

Pay By: Mastercard, Visa, Check\Cash


License/Certification: Psy.D. Clinical Psychology; Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach

School: Doctor of Clinical Psychology- Illinois School of Professional Psychology, Certified Wellness Coach-Mayo Clinic

How Do You Change Lives?

One of my missions in life is to partner with those who are interested in creating optimal wellness. Wellness is uniquely defined by each person. When we take the time to know and understand what is truly important, we have the ability to connect to our power-and our potential is limitless. I offer information, education, and personal experience based on my own healing from an autoimmune diagnosis to help others who struggle with these types of conditions.  Whether it is an emotional or a physical challenge, it is my passion to facilitate the journey to optimal health and wellness-however it is defined.