Erika Londrigan

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Erika Londrigan

Erika Coaching
Life coach, Spiritual Life Coaching


Erika Londrigan is a true combination of Midwestern charm and Southern California sunshine. Born and raised in Michigan, she earned her BA in Food Marketing from Western Michigan University before she moved to Chicago and began her successful 17 year career in pharmaceutical sales.  After 13 years in the Windy City, Erika’s adventurous spirit brought her west to the allure of the warm weather and active lifestyle that is synonymous with San Diego.

Erika holds multiple fitness certifications including; yoga sculpt, barre, and yoga on the stand up paddleboard.


  • Life Coach
  • Spiritual Life Coach


Cost per Session: $Free consultation, variety of coaching packages are available

Pay By: Venmo, Paypal


License/Certification: Certified Life Coach

School: Western Michigan University

How Do You Change Lives?

As a dedicated life coach, I help my clients unblock and eradicate self-limiting beliefs and behaviors held in the subconscious mind and rewire with new limitless thought patterns so they can harness their full potential, accomplish goals, and live happier, more authentic lives.