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Gari Julius Weilbacher

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Personal Life Coach

About Me

Following my experience with breast cancer and the loss of both my parents within a short time, I took the lessons learned and became a Personal Life Coach. Knowing that the quality of your whole life depends on how you live each day, I work with folks to promote productive, balanced, happy and meaningful lives.   My background in education informs my work as we learn together the best ways to move you forward. My extensive experience in communications/PR has served more than a few of my entrepreneurial empowerment clients, looking to actualize a new idea. Then, my belief in interconnection is reflected in the virtual decluttering work I do: if you can’t find your keys to get out there and make this world a better place you need to call me! I love, love, love this work!


Emotional & Physical Decluttering: Entrepreneurial Empowerment, Virtual Decluttering, Health and Nutrition


Start with a Sample Session – $10 | Drop-in – $125/hr | Six-session package – $110/hr | Ten-session package – $100/hr
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M.Ed – Special Education | Graduate – Coach U | Mid-Program Certificate – Institute for Integrative Nutrition

How Do You Change Lives?

In the true spirit of interconnection, we need one another activated to bring our passion and mission to this world. As a personal life coach I want you to get your best self and good work out there — inspired and true. I’ve worked with clients in the financial, higher education, legal, creative arts and non-profit sectors, each looking to make personal change or actualize an entrepreneurial dream. 

I work with people who might– or might not! — be able to identify their stumbling blocks and want support to get to the other side. Sometimes they can taste it, feel it, envision it but need partnership, timelines or accountability to get there. Is it an idea longing to get actualized, virtual decluttering, finally making friends with your health and nutrition?

If you would like a full hour coaching sample session, click hereScroll down to the Individual Coaching Sample Session. I look forward to connecting.

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Gari Julius Weilbacher