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Heather L Orengia

Simply Healthy by Heather
Master Certified Health Coach, Nutritionist, Wellness Coach


After struggling with food intolerances and being unwell herself, Heather turned her passion for learning how nutrition can heal and energize your body into a desire to help others do the same.  A Master Certified Health Coach and Nutritionist, she focuses on helping you be healthy and well in any stage of life.  Heather understands the importance of leading families on a path to better nutrition to live long and healthy lives.  As the mother of 3 girls, her education and experience allowed her to quickly identify food intolerances in her children, quickly resolving them so her children could feel better and resolve some behavior issues.  Changes that were as simply and sustainable as changing some of the foods that the family eats.


  • Children's Nutrition
  • Family Nutrition


Cost per Session: $$

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License/Certification: Master Certified Health Coach, Certified Nutritionist, Sports Nutrition Certified, Certified Personal Trainer


How Do You Change Lives?

Some of us go through life thinking that the way that we feel is normal.  Feeling heavy, frequently tired, bloated or puffy, and even frequent poor moods are quite the opposite of how we should feel.  The way we eat affects each of these aspects, along with several others.  Parents may experience behavior issues in their children, or just seeing that their child feel unwell, maybe seen as unhappy.  While sometimes there are in fact underlying health issues that require medical intervention, much more often by feeding your or your children’s bodies the right things will resolve these issues.  Ensuring that you are eating to allow your body to function as well as it can will make you feel better, have more energy, think more clearly, and generally be in a better mood.  Whether it’s you, your family, your children, my mission is to guide you to make simple and sustainable changes in your nutrition and wellness to allow you to lead your best life!