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Jaime Bronstein

The Relationship Expert


Jaime Bronstein is a relationship therapist, coach, and host of “Love Talk Live” on LA Talk Radio. She was named the “#1 Relationship Coach Transforming Lives in 2020” by Yahoo Finance. For the past 20 years, Jaime has been teaching her clients how to heal their past, love themselves unconditionally, how to be vulnerable, tap into their inner strengths and intuition, and live more authentically to achieve their relationship goals. Jaime works with clients worldwide via Zoom video conferencing sessions and is highly sought-after to share her relationship advice on various media outlets such as KTLA, ABC, NBC and CBS News, PEOPLE, Thrive Global, and Bustle. Jaime empowers her clients to become aware of the fact that they were born to have love in their lives – not just any love –the right love for them. Jaime has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Boston University, a master’s degree in social work from New York University, and a certificate in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. Jaime’s book on manifesting love is currently in the works. Find her online at www.therelationshipexpert.com and catch her on-camera radio show. Follow her on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.


  • Manifesting Love/Relationship Coaching
  • Couples Therapy
  • Breakups and Divorces
  • Life-Coaching
  • Self-Esteem
  • Anxiety and Depression


Cost per Session: $$200

Pay By: Venmo, Zelle, Square or any major credit card


License/Certification: LCSW

School: Boston University, New York University, The University of Santa Monica

How Do You Change Lives?

I change lives by helping my clients show up in life as their authentic selves, by assisting them in healing in their past and get past any barrier that is preventing them from assessing their authentic selves such as unresolved issues, negative narratives, and limiting beliefs. I help my clients learn how to rise above, forgive, stop judging themselves and others, love themselves and others unconditionally. I help change lives by inspiring my clients to know that life happens FOR us not TO us; which helps them to go from victim-mode to thriving-mode! I change lives by empowering my clients to know that they have everything inside they need to manifest all that they desire. The fact that I’m an intuitive enhances my work. Looking beyond the words that my clients say and getting to the heart of the issue with my added intuitive senses helps me to help my clients on a deeper level.

For as long as I can remember I have always loved everything about love and since I know how life-changing love is, it became my mission to inspire people to do everything they can to be in fulfilling, deeply connected, purpose-filled and meaningful, heart and soul-connected loving relationships and to know that everyone deserves love and is capable of having love in their lives. I never stopped studying and learning everything I can about human emotions and behavior. I think it’s beautiful how we are all so unique; I help my clients embrace that fact.

Relationship coaching brings me a lot of joy. It’s important to do what you feel passionate about in life to feel fulfilled. Helping people make positive changes in their lives enhances my life. Knowing the impact that I have on others fills me with a sense of meaning and purpose.

Watching someone have an “ah-ha” moment and make a significant shift in their perception or mentality is magical. Helping someone facilitate change is incredibly gratifying.