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Jamie Martin is a Life and Leadership Coach who helps women who have been going and going and going for so long that they feel like they’ve lost themselves. Working with Jamie, her clients give themselves permission to shake things up by putting themselves first for a change and going after THEIR dreams. 

She spent 17 years in technology at companies like DoubleClick and Google running product management and implementation management teams. Being a Product Manager, she has always used curiosity to uncover her clients hidden needs. She’s learned that often what we say we want is a workaround for the situation we are currently facing and not the desired outcome. She’s incorporated this concept into her work with clients to allow them to go deeper in order to expand and grow beyond their current perceptions of life. 

During her technology career, she established herself as a leader where she worked. 

She grew her leadership skills as a servant leader and coach to her team. As she continued to grow her leadership style, she realized that what she loved most was guiding her team as a coach to them. This led her to go after her passion for coaching and start her own business.  

The years she spent in technology combined with intensive coach certification gives Jamie a unique perspective into what it takes to make a significant transformation for her clients. She continues to have a strong sense of curiosity that allows her to explore new avenues with her clients and uncover areas hidden to them. Her clients consistently say that Jamie is able to cut through the noise and deliver immediate aha moments that result in a new passion for work and life. 

She knows that what we express first is just the surface level of our desires and needs and that we need to go deeper to allow ourselves to expand and grow. 


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Accomplishment Coaching B.S.E. University of Michigan

How Do You Change Lives?

My clients come to me feeling like they are suspended in space, questioning themselves and unsure how to move forward. Working together, we clear the clouds and they gain clarity, take action and start living a life that is fulfilling.

One of my clients said it best: your results may include More Joy, Ease, Trust, Surrender and Heartfelt Gratitude.

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