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Jennifer Friedman is a physician, counselor, writer, and teacher. She has studied and taught different forms of healing and possesses a unique understanding of the mind-body connection. Her extensive educational and experiential learning along with her deep appreciation for Spirituality and Energy Healing brings her unique ability to speak to a myriad of topics in the area of healing and mental health. She has a private practice where she runs workshops, teaches, and sees clients for wellness consultation and counseling.


Intuitive Counseling, Women’s Groups, Educating others on Healing Modalities


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How Do You Change Lives?

I change lives in a simple way. I see people fully. From seeing people in their fullness, I can help to guide them to see themselves more fully. From this place, it becomes more easeful for clients to find their own healing wisdom. I love to teach clients about healing, energy, and psychology and then have them connect with one another about how it fits into their own lives and struggles.

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