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Jess Feldt is a Life and Leadership Coach who helps working parents create a life they love. Jess works with both moms and dads to define what work/life balance means for them, set and hold boundaries, and honor both their families and their careers. She specializes in supporting new moms through the transition from parental leave back into the workforce in a way that allows the mom to be the professional she wants to be and the mom she wants to be – on mom’s terms! Jess believes everyone deserves to feel empowered to live their best life, especially working parents. Prior to starting her coaching practice, Jess spent over 10+ years as a management consultant and is certified through the Co-Active Training Institute and the International Coaching Federation.


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CPCC – Coactive Training Institute ACC – International Coaching Federation Conscious Business Certificate


Master’s Degree – Industrial/Organizational Psychology Bachelor’s Degree – Industrial/Organizational Psychology

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