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About Me

As a lifelong musician, licensed psychotherapist, and senior Zen koan meditation teacher in the Pacific Zen School, creativity, imagination, dreamwork, and meditation are integral parts of my practice. I enjoy working with other artists, meditators, healthcare providers, and people in leadership positions to help them discover and move past personal barriers.


Zen Koans & Meditation Dreamwork Spiritual Direction Psychotherapy


$90 – $150
Mastercard, Visa


Licensed Clinical Social Worker Lic#62471 Senior Teacher (Roshi) Since December, 2019


Master of Science in Social Work Pacific Zen Institute

How Do You Change Lives?

Discovery work is like a puzzle that assembles itself. Our work is just to collect the pieces, picking through couch cushions and musty old coat pockets for fragments of soul. Forgotten memories, mysterious dreams, orphaned emotions, and the plot points of our stories about who we are, all twinkle like stars against the night sky of the mind. We look them over together and let them show us where they belong. This process can sometimes look like an absolute mess, but if we dedicate ourselves to it, it becomes an act of love.

I enjoy helping people work through specific difficulties, deepen self-awareness and understanding, and maximize their personal potential. Discovery work isn’t quick or easy, but it’s not so hard really, if you have a good companion and you’re up for a bit of adventure. Let me know if you’re interested and we can have a chat to see if we’re a fit.

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