Joli Knott

Joli Knott

Bodhi Mindful
Holistic Astrologer, Reiki Master

About Me

Joli Knott is a Holistic Astrologer, Reiki Master, and the founder of Bodhi Mindful. 

Using a variety of techniques incorporating symbolism and stories, as well as energy work that integrates nervous system education, Joli seeks to provide a nurturing space to those seeking further self-understanding, self-development, and growth.

This life is a journey to uncovering our unique gifts. When we are in alignment with who we truly are, we extend our gifts easily to those around us and make the world a better place. And we also nurture our inner resilience so we can dance with the qi of life more effectively.

I believe that when we work to raise our individual consciousness, there is a ripple effect that ultimately makes the world a kinder, better place for all of us.



£125 for 90 minute natal chart session
stripe (most major credit-cards), PayPal


CNHC Registered for Reiki Verified Reiki Practitioner Reiki Council Verified Practitioner The Reiki Association


Astrology: Caroline Casey, Chris Brennan, Acyuta-bhava Das

How Do You Change Lives?

I love exploring the natal chart and using it as a springboard for understanding our energetic selves. Energy equals information, and when we can understand the information both inside and around us, we can make better choices and smarter decisions.

Helping people identify just how unique they are and exploring actionable steps to support such insight is a passion of mine because doing that work has helped me over the last 20 years. It continues to support my onward journey through life.

Tuning in to your unique frequency can help you feel like you are in control. When you find your frequency, you can master your life.

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