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About Me

Julie has been practicing mindfulness and meditation for over 15 years and is a McLean Meditation Institute® Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Instructor (CMMI).  Julie has also participated in various training with leaders in the field, including Chris Germer & Kristen Neff, David Treleaven, and Jack Kornfield, on topics such as Power of Self-Compassion, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness, and Interactive Guided Meditation. Julie’s approach to mindfulness and meditation is grounded in ancient, time-tested teachings, while integrating current scientific research, and emphasizing a practical application for modern-day life. The intention in her coaching is to share Mindfulness and Meditation in a way that is accessible for all.


I am a Mindfulness, Meditation and Self Compassion Practitioner with a specialty in Trauma, Anxiety and Mindful Parenting


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How Do You Change Lives?

My intention is to crate a space of  acceptance and safety so that my clients can do the work of turning inward with kindness and compassion.  We must first learn to be with what is present with a quality of compassion and then we can begin to work with what is arising  based on what is most important to us.  I share mindfulness, meditation and self compassion in a way that is accessible to all and work with the nervous system to help widen each persons capacity  to be with what is arising both internally and externally.  I hold the space for each person to be their own healer and life changer.

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