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Ken Li

Ken Li Coaching


Me in 3 bullet points (subject to change at a whim):

  • My 3 heroes are Abe Lincoln (integrity), Isaac Asimov (wit), and Princess Diana (compassion).
  • If I don’t laugh at your joke, it’s bad.
  • I appreciate anybody who can sing on key (read: I can’t sing).


  • Life Coaching


Cost per Session: $$150 - $350

Pay By: PayPal, Venmo


License/Certification: The Life Coach Institute Life & Weight Coach

School: Cornell University

How Do You Change Lives?

I’m a certified life coach. What makes me different from other life coaches is I help people locate and resolve the root of their problems so they can be free from them forever. While I coach on a lot of different areas — including wealth, health, and relationships — I specialize in helping people who feel trapped at their jobs create more fulfilling and meaningful lives.