Kevin Adler

UNSTUCK Coaching
Head Coach, Chief Inspiration Officer




  • 1:1 Life Coaching around the topic of STUCKNESS, resilience, powerful mindset, etc. (Life, Career, Wellness, Parenting, Relationships, etc,)


Cost per Session: $Call or email for more information

Pay By: Primary payment method for 1:1 coaching = Venmo. Traditional invoice / payment methods available for corporate coaching.


License/Certification: CTI 100 Hour Core Curriculum, Positive Intelligence, Northwestern Conflict Resolution, Brene Brown, Quantum Endeavors


How Do You Change Lives?

VALUES – VISION – ACTION – ACCOUNTABILITY – *SABOTEUR MANAGEMENT I partner with my clients to consciously connect them to their core values, create a vision for the values-driven lives they want to create for themselves, create a clear plan of action to move towards their vision and create accountability for that forward progress. We also identify and create a plan to manage the Saboteurs (the negative voices in our heads) that often get in the way of forward progress. Here is what some of my clients have to say about the work we have done together: https://www.unstuckcoachinc.com/testimonials