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Linda Mueller

The Expat Partner Coach LLC
Life Coach, Founder


Linda is a former corporate climber who has evolved into a certified life coach for expat partners (a.k.a. accompanying partners, expat wives, and, gasp, trailing spouses) during the 10+ years she spent living in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. She fully understands the opportunities and challenges that expat partners encounter while living abroad and is passionate about supporting women on a similar journey.

Linda is the mother of a tween TCK (third culture kid) and currently lives in Chicago, IL (USA).




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Cost per Session: $Free Introductory Session; various coaching package options are available

Pay By: Mastercard, Visa, Venmo, PayPal


License/Certification: Certified Life Coach

School: MBA, International Business, BBA, International Marketing

How Do You Change Lives?

Linda empowers expat partners to create a life they love abroad and after repatriating. She utilizes proven strategies and tools, as well as her own international experience, to coach international women during all stages of the expat/repat cycle. From easing the transition overseas and speeding up adaptation to a new country to helping expat partners make the most of what expat life has to offer, Linda supports her clients with compassionate accountability in a safe and confidential environment as they discover purpose, connection, and a sense of fulfillment.