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Matt Pearcey

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With over 20 years in management and leadership across Financial Technology and Media, coaching and mentoring has always been a key focus in my career.  Looking back on my experiences, I have the highest regard for the people who coached and mentored me and helped  propel me forward in my career.  After leaving my past corporate role in the early 2010s, and through the support of my wife, I was extremely fortunate enough to be able to focus my time on our daughter and our son.   This opportunity gave me a completely different outlook on life, especially as I was often the only male in a lead child caring capacity in my peer group.    Although I have had many opportunities to step back into FinTech roles, my heart was never there so I took the big decision to take an alternative route.   Whilst adoring my caring responsibilities, I also used this time to work alongside my wife in the media industry, quickly learning and increasingly supporting colleagues, new and old across the media industry. A hugely competitive environment and very different to where my experiences had taken me before, I have enjoyed the opportunity to help people strive forwards and to make their goals a reality.



  • Life & Career Coaching within the Film, TV and Entertainment world


Cost per Session: $£75

Pay By: Mastercard, Visa, PayPal




How Do You Change Lives?

In the surroundings of the Film & TV industry I have built a vast network of colleagues and trusted partners.  My network spreads internationally, from London to LA through which I have built new partnerships and business deals in addition to helping individuals achieve their goals along the way.

What I commit to you is to provide you with the confidentiality of a lawyer, the personal sharing of a close friend and an objective nature of a complete stranger. All with a central purpose on helping you achieve your goals.

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