Michelle Bacca-Llamas


Michelle Bacca-Llamas

Empowered Relationships
Relationship Coach


The reason I became a Marriage Coach/mentor is I didn’t want someone else to suffer the way I had in my first marriage. We are not always given the best examples of marriage through our family or taught skills necessary to help one another without hurting each other.

Intertwining lives that are different and expecting success without skills to navigate can and often is relationship suicide. None of us begin a life together expecting we will separate or divorce and yet that is the path many travel towards.

At best we figure it out, mediocre we “deal” with it, worst we divorce.  I happily married, navigating life with my husband, 4 children, their spouses, grandchildren.

I have been through the tunnel of divorce, survived, and thrived. This isn’t the journey I recommend unless YOU deem it necessary. I love all things people, connection, and finding joy!


  • Relationship Coaching/Marriage


Cost per Session: $$50-75

Pay By: Venmo


License/Certification: Matt Townsend Relationship Center

School: Bachelors Degree

How Do You Change Lives?

Lives are changed through education and I am a big believer in learning. You can’t do better if you don’t know better and if you know better then DO IT. However, this process isn’t easy and I know that. Part of my responsibility is ACCOUNTABILITY. What I will teach you, you can find it on your own so it isn’t necessarily new information. Finding that information may be a challenge, I will make that process easier.

Application is huge and change can be difficult, responsibility and accountability are integral to success.  That is how a good coach will work. I will educate you with new relationship skills, identify where you are within the relationship of you, your partner, and your higher power. I will hold you accountable for what you learn and the application of principles.

I will cheer you, support you, love you, encourage you. Marriage can be one of the most rewarding relationships and with that one of the most difficult. Are you ready to become more? More for yourself, more for your partner, and more for your relationship?