Morgan Lewis


Morgan Lewis

Three Pillars Wellness
Holistic Nutrition Consultant


I am passionate about helping women reduce gut pain to live a vibrant life. I am trained in holistic nutrition and believe proper nutrition, lifestyle changes, and mindset can be incredibly powerful when looking to live a better life. As someone who has suffered from multiple health issues (including but not limited to SIBO, Hypothyroid, parasites, food sensitivities), I know how mentally draining feeling sick can be. It’s possible to live a better life free of pain!



  • wellbeing
  • health coaching
  • holistic nutrition
  • gut dysfunction
  • holistic healing


Cost per Session: $155 for 55 minutes

Pay By: Mastercard, Visa, Venmo, Zelle Quick Pay


License/Certification: Holistic Nutrition Consultant

School: Bauman College, The University of Texas at Austin

How Do You Change Lives?

I work 1:1 with clients to provide individualized support. I meet clients where they are at and focus on realistic changes to see great results. I believe in forming a team with clients to empower them along their journey.