Natalie L Stennis

Step By Step Transformations LLC
Christian Life Coach


Natalie is a career professional and owner of Step By Step Transformations LLC, a professional Christian Life coaching company.  Natalie began this company with the ultimate goal of helping women discover and be intentional to act in accordance of their values in order to live their life’s purpose.  Her 21-year career background spans across the public and private sector.  She has led teams at various levels, given presentations and has gained interpersonal, social and coaching skills needed to help individuals to establish goals and develop intentional action plans needed to transform their lives.


  • Christian Life Coaching


Cost per Session: $$100

Pay By: Paypal, CashApp, Google Pay



School: Express Coaching, New Life Coach Inc

How Do You Change Lives?

I work with women like you to accomplish the goals you actually care about.  Goals can be challenging to achieve when the forces of life knock you off track resulting in you making unwanted decisions fueled by your emotions.   We work together to get you back on track and reach those goals with my signature customized coaching process and action plan.  Together we seek God’s will for your life through thought provoking conversations while developing laser focused strategies and direct impact steps that will get you from where you are to where you want to be.