Better Divorce Academy Certified Divorce Coach/Consultant/Credentialed Mediator Better Divorce Academy Certified Divorce Coach/Consultant/Credentialed Mediator

Paulette Gloria Rigo

Paulette Gloria Rigo

Better Divorce Academy
Certified Divorce Coach/Consultant/Credentialed Mediator

About Me

About Paulette Rigo:

✅Paulette Rigo is a Credentialed Mediator, Certified Divorce Coach, Trauma-Informed Recovery Coach, Career Transition Specialist, E-RYT500, Author of Better Divorce Blueprint the online course, book, planner and No Matter What card deck, Host of The Thriving in Chaos Project Podcast, Creator of Best Life Ever Retreats and Founder of Better Divorce Academy, her commitment to creating an optimal divorce experience is her life’s work.

✅Paulette’s personal 8.5 years litigated and appellant experience and expertise make her strive to create clear efficient direction, move resiliently through extreme stress, and save precious time and money to create a satisfying solution and find purpose, means, pleasure and freedom.

✅As Founder of Better Divorce Academy she breaks down divorce from the earliest stages of contemplation to the necessary final steps of healing using practical tools, inspiration, and a proven mediation/negotiation model.

✅Her specialty is working with high-achieving professional and entrepreneurial women in high-conflict narcissistic abuse divorce cases. Her community saves time, money, heartache and is changing the landscape and outcome of the divorce journey for every family member, particularly the children.

✅Drawing on her thirty-five years of experience, Paulette is a pioneer in the world of wellness and transformation and brings strength and breadth to her ability to help her clients heal.





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CDS/CDC Mediation Certification


BS Northeastern University

How Do You Change Lives?

Last year alone there were 2.4 Million Divorces! That is a divorce every 13 seconds in the US alone. Divorce is up 43%…70% of divorce is filed by women…and the average amount of time they contemplate the gut-wrenching decision is TWO years. That leads to extreme stress, fear, guilt, overwhelm, sadness and anxiety that leads to making very bad decisions.

I use both my personal and professional experience, training and resources to save an average of 45-55K in legal fees, 8-22 months in court, and a ton of heartache. I teach clients to divorce with dignity to create the outcome they deserve and desire.

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