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Pete Beskas

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About Me

My mission is to help modern fathers overcome the challenges and ingrained beliefs that are preventing them from enjoying their families and their lives. I want every dad to become a SUPERDAD.

My story is just like any other, son of immigrants, worked hard in a tight knit family unit.  Was told what men’s roles are and what it is to be a man.  The role models I had were fantastic, the men worked hard, the women worked harder. I graduated from school in engineering, worked hard at my career in the corporate world, lived a full an rich single life, and enjoyed many adventures.  At 34 I met my wife, 9 months later we were engaged, 9 months after that we were married and 9 months after that we had our first child, 18 months after that we had our second.  

I was not prepared for this. I struggled with work, family, balance, being a “good father, anxiety, emotions, drinking, eating, avoidance, anger, blame, frustration and a desire to just run away. 

I tried everything to make myself happy. I quit jobs, I moved countries, I spent money, I grasped at everything and nothing worked.  One day I finally had enough, enough of blaming, enough of yelling, enough of anxiety and enough of not feeling good enough.  I was a shitty father, a shitty husband and a shitty person in general.  Something had to change, I did not want to be that person, I wanted to stop being the angry dad that my kids were terrified of. 

I was ready to change and that’s when I found coaching.  The tools that I learned I applied on myself and the results were immediate.  I became a better version of myself, not perfect, better.



Life Coaching Fathers / Dad Coaching


$3,000 – 12 weeks of one-on-one coaching
Mastercard, Visa, Venmo, Paypal, Direct.


Certified Life Coach – Life Coach School


Bsc – Engineering

How Do You Change Lives?

I believe that every dad has the potential to be a SUPERDAD, they just need some help.  Today’s father has a new set of challenges and expectations that older generations never had to deal with.  We were taught that to be a good dad was to work hard, be strong and provide for your family.

I have discovered that the modern father needs to evolve and expand their toolbox, so in addition to all those things we need to learn to adapt, grow and learn new things. I teach men how to become better versions of themselves, to be an example to the next generation of SUPERDADS.

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