Peter Lane, NBC-HWC

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Peter Lane, NBC-HWC

Peter Lane Coaching and Consulting, LLC
Principal and Chief Wellness Officer


Peter Lane is National Board-Certified Health and Wellness coach. He is also certified by the Mayo Clinic where he received his health and wellness coaching training. Peter works with individuals and teams that are committed to ongoing learning, reflection, and making positive change for themselves or their organizations. With Peter’s guidance and support, they identify what is most important for improving their wellness and make intentional choices to achieve their goals. His coaching clients focus on issues such as:

  • Healthy eating and weigh loss
  • Managing a chronic medical condition
  • Stress, anxiety, and burnout
  • Aging with vitality
  • Creating a more balanced, joyful life
  • Physical activity and exercise
  • Mindfulness and relaxation

Peter believes in the power and potential of every individual to chart a path that allows their unique strengths to flourish and for them to achieve their goals. It is the simple yet challenging task of being our best selves—mind, body, and spirit—that allows each person to thrive, nurture healthy families and communities, create life-affirming organizations, and ultimately change the world. Peter offers:

  • Individual health and wellness coaching
  • Small group health and wellness coaching
  • Wellness workshops and presentations


  • Health and Wellness Coaching for Individuals, Groups, and Organizations


Cost per Session: $Six session package for $395 or $75 per individual session

Pay By: PayPal, Zelle, CashApp, Check


License/Certification: NBC-HWC

School: M.Ed.

How Do You Change Lives?

I’m passionate about helping people become their best self and achieving their goals.