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Renee Lowry is a Certified Family Coach and Relationship Expert in New York, NY. This mother of two beautiful girls and wife of twenty plus years has been called Emotions Public Relations Representative. She embraces this title because her passion is helping people understand that emotions are valuable tools, given to enable us to better understand ourselves and shape how we relate and respond to those we care about most.

Degree in Psychology, International Best Selling Author of Strength Training Your Mind, and of Dear Self, Grow Up Already, Founder of The BLUEprint Method™ (Building Life Using Emotions), International Speaker and Coach.

She specializes in repairing relationships (partner, child, parent, boss, friend, or even the relationship with yourself!), and coaching through major life transitions (aging parent, troubled child, death of loved one, stress, crisis, marriage, divorce, or other tipping point) so that you not only survive the transition but you come out on top, thriving and living your most authentic life.

All of her coaching uses the principles of The BLUEprint Method™. She takes her clients through each step so that they can themselves master these techniques and forever be designing and confidently living the life they most desire.


  • Family Relationships


Cost per Session: $$349 Per Hour Session, Coaching Packages Available

Pay By: Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Venmo, PayPal, Zelle


License/Certification: Certified Master Life Coach, Certified Professional Life Coach

School: Degree in Psychology, Certified Practitioner of The BLUEprint Method™

How Do You Change Lives?

Families create the most unique kind of relationships; sometimes the rules for family relating don’t make sense. I help people who struggle to relate with a family member. I enable them to  build a stronger relationship or simply heal from the pain, without deep diving into past traumas and involving the other party in the work that needs done. I use proven principles of The BLUEprint Method™ to provide easy to implement solutions only available in this coaching program.

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