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Sarah McAuley

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I am an early 40’s professional woman who is always striving to “help more” and have begun the journey towards my Life Coaching certification in order to achieve these dreams/passions.

Through education and practice, I have become confident and excited about my ability to effectively coach individuals and groups, and am actively looking for new clients to partner with.


Transitional Coach, Grief Coach, Parenting Coach, Divorce Coach, Dating Coach


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How Do You Change Lives?

Transformational Learning: I will help you develop an awareness of how you unconsciously process major life events such as grief, divorce, parenting, new career etc.

Emotional Intelligence: I will use my knowledge of emotional intelligence to help you recognize emotions as valuable sources of information (e.g., to understand one’s own or others’ motivations, values, needs, etc.).

Cognitive-Behavioral Theory: I am skilled at helping clients identify how distorted or irrational beliefs stemming from activating events may have negative consequences. I will intervening by helping clients to challenge and change problematic beliefs in order to facilitate more positive consequences, such as lessened anxiety or increased adaptivity

Experiential Learning Theory: I will facilitate all phases of cyclical processes by encouraging clients to reflect on their actions and their consequences. I invite clients to experiment with adopting new, more adaptive, beliefs in response to challenging activating events. The hands-on principles of experiential learning apply well to coaching relationships, wherein the client is positioned as the driver of the relationship and the focus is on his/her day-to-day behaviors that serve as opportunities for experimentation and learning.

Life Coaching as an Art and a Science: I draw on a certain amount of intuition and personal experience to tailor my services to a particular client

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