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Stephanie Sanderman Coaching
Life Coach


Are you exhausted every single day?  Do you work out even when you are sick, tired or injured? Does your eating plan control your social life?  Do you believe being perfect will make you happy?  Are you on a hamster wheel of “lifestyle” plans, exercise regimens and never ending to do lists? I’ve answered yes to every single one of those questions above and then some. Always having it together on the outside but miserable on the inside. Great career, successful socially, always doing more and more yet in my mind I was always looking to “fix” myself to be better. If I just followed this plan or worked out past pain then I would be happy. Food and exercise were my best friends and my worst enemies keeping me trapped in a loop of never enoughness.  Until I couldn’t take it anymore. And then I found a new way to live. One where I trusted my body, I didn’t fear food and I learned what joyful movement could feel like. Perfect became now in this moment. Every day. And much to my surprise, I wasn’t exhausted anymore, I was healthier and life became about ease instead of restriction. Intuitive eating and Core Energy coaching helped me find deep satisfaction with my life without restriction, guilt or missing out on life.  I am absolutely passionate about what coaching has done for my life. Now, I want to share this new approach to health to as many people as possible – starting with you.  I have over 25 years of experience as a fundraising professional and non-profit team leader. Motivated by mission, Stephanie is a success driven high achiever in the industry. In addition, for the past 20 years I have  passionately led group fitness classes and inspired others to take action to prioritize themselves. Realizing my true passion came from working with individuals to help them be their best selves, whether leading a board or reaching personal goals, coaching became the next natural step. Now as a trained life coach, specializing in the realm of health and wellness I am able to bring all of my skill sets to the table.  I earned my BA in communications from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, my JD from DePaul University and my ELI-MP certification from iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching), I will receive my CPC from iPEC in Spring 2021. I am an avid Badger fan (and former Badger Pom), phenomenal cookie baker, and an all around energetic cheerleader for my friends and family. 


  • I help women break free of diet culture, exercise obsession and perfectionism to find sustainable health, happiness and success.


Cost per Session: $Free Discovery Consultation

Pay By: Venmo


License/Certification: Instructor, The Bar Method, ELI-MP - iPEC, , CPC expected spring 2021, iPEC

School: Institute for Excellence in Coaching

How Do You Change Lives?

I coach from the inside out by uncovering and removing what’s blocking you from finding your way. With determination, discipline and humor, I will  partner with you to help you learn how to listen to your needs and desires, find your purpose, go after your dreams and teach you how to trust your  intuition in order to become your best self now.   Together we develop a plan of action and create accountability to assure your success. Together we will clear the path so you may take inspired action.