Vincent Bos

Vincent Bos

Relationship Coach, Breakup Coach

About Me

Hi there, I’m Vincent Bos, I provide breakup support and attraction advice. This includes guidance on how to get over a breakup, how to try and get your ex back and how to get a new girlfriend or boyfriend. There is no 100% guaranteed way to definitely achieve your goals, but I believe I can increase your chance of success. My advice & support is based upon my own life experience and research into the subjects. I also have a Level 3 Diploma in ‘Relationship & Couples Counselling’, in which I qualified with ‘Distinction’.


Relationship Coach, Breakup Coach, Attraction Advice


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How Do You Change Lives?

I change lives by guiding people to become a version 2.0 of themselves.  This will enable them to increase the chance of saving a crumbling relationship, get their ex back or attract someone even better into their lives. With or without your ex, you will have a positive future.

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Vincent Bos