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Zakiya Fareed

Zakiya Fareed

Director, Coach, Consultant

About Me

“I am a passionate student of the mind and have been since childhood. Among the shelves of storybooks I had, were a set of psychology textbooks and those were the reason I studied Psychology at university. After graduating, my career detoured into Corporate Communication where I spent 15 years observing human interaction and mindsets. I also continued my exploration of neuroscience through that time, because my fascination with the brain intensified.

Realising that it was well past the time for me to pursue my passion, I studied for my certification in Transformation Life Coaching because it supported my Psychology degree but was more in alignment with my purpose. I eventually left the corporate sector, started RevolutionEyeZ, and began transforming lives.

I am also a firm proponent of holistic wellness and am a certified PEMF practitioner, aromatherapy practitioner, and Reiki Master. My approach to development coaching is, therefore, holistic and I do not only focus on traditional coaching frameworks when assisting clients. I work with practitioners of different modalities like biokinetics, nutrition, acupuncture, and cupping.  I also have a network of business and financial advisors to help my clients in that area of their lives.

One of the defining moments in my life was becoming a widow after 15 months of marriage to my ideal partner. The saving grace from utter devastation was my self-awareness and remaining true to my values to be able to continue building my practice and making a positive impact in peoples’ lives. Two months after my husband’s passing, I created a grief journal to help others who have lost loved ones.

I have a multi-faceted personality, which allows me to relate to different types of people equally well. I am a fan of science-fiction, nature and wildlife, history, adventure, and sport. I enjoy the creative arts and my latest hobby is painting.”


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How Do You Change Lives?

“For individuals, my superpower is guiding them to understand exactly who they are as people – what their true values are and how to live in alignment with those values. My clients experience clarity and focus especially with setting and achieving their goals and as a result, experiencing fulfillment in their lives. My clients deal with stress and change more effectively and have happier family and work lives.

For corporates, I help teams to experience higher-performing, collaborative and nurturing workplaces. Communication within teams improves and so does alignment with the strategic objectives of the organisation. Teams are able to better focus on tasks that enable the achievement of strategic goals rather than on “”busy work””. My clients report consistency in productivity and a decrease in absenteeism, as well as happier and healthier work environments. Corporate rates are quoted on request.”

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