Don’t Be Scared Of Heartbreak

Halloween is a time for scares and tricks.  As a dating and self-improvement coach, it feels like the right time to remind people not to fear heartbreak.  In reality, heartbreak could be the best thing that ever happened to you!  What’s important is keeping a stable mindset, rather than allowing your mindset to do tricks, during a breakup.

Heartbreak enables us to view our life from a perspective that feels hidden most of the time.  The perspective is always there, but we are too busy to notice it.  You have a chance to self-reflect and explore self-discovery.  We are more likely to take action to stop pain, rather than taking action to gain pleasure.  When your relationship seemed to be going great (or at least OK) the thought of self-reflection seems irrelevant and a waste of time.  It might not have been perfect, but why spend precious time trying to improve, since everything was kind of good, right?  Well now the pain of heartbreak takes every waking second of your thoughts, you are ready to think about and explore any way to making it stop.

So here you are, heartbroken and wondering how this can be beneficial for you.  The beneficial possibilities are right in front of you.  For the first time, you now have the desire to go through self-improvement.  Becoming a version 2.0 of yourself now seems logical and almost necessary.  Finding the motivation to improve is much easier now, and hence you must use this fuel to power you forward.  Becoming a better version of yourself today then you were yesterday, and a better version of yourself tomorrow, then you are currently today.

Improvements can be found anywhere and everywhere, big and small, they are all important.  Becoming a version 2.0 grows your ‘attraction net’ and enables you to attract more people than you could as your original self.  There is no 100% guaranteed way to get your ex back, but you are much more likely to if you’re a better person than they remember.  Whether you hear from your ex again or not, you will be more likely to attract someone even better than your ex, because you’re now a more alluring person yourself.

Allow Halloween to have all the scares and don’t feel scared about your breakup.  This could be the first step towards you becoming a better person than you would have been without heartbreak.  With or without your ex, you will have a positive future. 

Just CTFO This Holiday Season!

These days anything that is anything has an acronym.  IMO, SMH, TTYL, WFH, IDK, YOLO, and the list goes on.  So, I created my own.  It’s CTFO.  That’s right.  CHILL THE *F* OUT.  A constant reminder

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