On the latest podcast, Joanna talks with Mindset, Personal Development & Leadership Coach, Nari Kaur of SkyHigh Coaching. After spending 17 years climbing the corporate ladder in the UK, working with clients internationally, Nari realized she wasn’t feeling fulfilled. An avid personal development junkie herself, she realized her true passion was supporting women and men in reaching their ultimate potential. After growing up a tom boy, she realized just how much power is in the divine feminine!
The story of Clay is nothing short of an amazing super hero movie! From empowering Nuclear Reactor Operators on submarines to hitting a deer at 85 mph, where he didn’t crash – to now coaching business owners and executives! He certainly is EnthusiastiCLAY!
Trauma can be positive? Joanna interviews Marina Yanay-Triner, Transformation & Compassionate Somatic Coach. Learn how Marina’s early traumas and experience as a facilitator between Israelis and Palestinians inspired her career transformation and powerful work with clients.

Joanna Interviews Debbie Marks, a health & wellness educator and yoga & mediation teacher. Learn about what set Debbie on fire and why she’s passionate about prevention when working with her clients.

Ready to be inspired? In our 4th podcast episode, Joanna talks with stroke survivor and thriver, Jennifer Chapman. She had a stroke at 34 years old and discusses how working with a Life Coach supported her healing and inspired her to become one herself!
Joanna talks with Dr. RJ and learns the fascinating story of why he made the life change from being a successful orthodontist to a teen life coach!

For our third podcast, Joanna interviews educator, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Berry Fowler! They discuss Berry’s struggle and inspiration as a college student that led to his entrepreneurial success and why he loves coaching.

Joanna interviews Chris Weals, Business Coach from Rebel With A Purpose! Chris helps aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their dream of owning their own successful business while also living life on their terms.
Joanna interviews Certified Recovery and Life Coach, Heather Lowe of Ditchedthedrink.com Learn about how Heather’s own life experience motivated her to get sober and how she shares her inspiration and knowledge with others to help them better their lives.
For our second podcast, Joanna interviews actress and life coach, Shannon Reynosa! They discuss her journey and inspiration to become a life coach and changing our limiting beliefs!
In LifeChanger’s first podcast, Joanna interviews Life Coach, Andrea Manning…they talk inspiration, grief and friendship.