Welcome to LifeChangers

Welcome To LifeChangers

Hello! Welcome to the blog for LifeChangers.Info! We are so happy you have landed here. Here at LifeChangers, our mission is to make it easier for consumers to find their specialists. We hope that individuals will come to LifeChangers to explore, connect, and grow. 

What do we mean by that? Simply put, we want there to be a space where one can go to explore ways in which they can make their life better. From there, we want to make it easy to connect with providers who can help achieve that goal. Of course, throughout the process, we want to see personal growth. 

What makes us different? First of all, we are different because we provide a database of LifeChangers that fall under a wide variety of categories. Looking for a life coach? We’ve got you. Looking for a music teacher? We’ve got you. Looking for a financial investment specialist? We’ve got you. Our options for you to make your life better are endless. Second, LifeChangers is easy! You will have no trouble finding what you are looking for. Our approach is direct and simple to navigate. You’ll be able to find your LifeChanger in minutes. That means you are quickly on your way to growth!

Why are we here? That’s easy. Over the past several decades the need for individualized and specialized care has increased. What has also increased are our ways to connect. We can now reach specific LifeChangers who are beyond our physical boundaries (I’m looking at you ZOOM!) but don’t always know how to find these individuals. LifeChangers makes that connection happen.

We hope you will explore our site, sign up to become one of our LifeChangers, or find your own LifeChanger. Whatever your goal, we cannot wait to see and hear the growth that occurs in our world because of the magic that LifeChangers.Info creates.


  • Joanna is a proud entrepreneur and can often be found singing in the car with her two kids. Starting her first successful business when she was 17 and being president of the Young Entrepreneur’s Society at the University of Georgia, she never closed the door on opportunity. She then went on to Northwestern University and attained her Masters in Science, becoming a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. After being a successful LMFT in the northern suburbs of Chicago for more than 10 years while simultaneously running a mindful goods boutique for 5 years and accomplishing a 200 hour yoga teaching certification, Joanna was itching for a new adventure. After a phone conversation with a friend in California discussing ways to grow her Life Coaching business, the idea came about that independent professionals, such as Life Coaches, Health and Wellness Coaches and other similar people in the life changing business, needed a resource to connect potential clients with the LifeChanger they were seeking. That’s how her newest venture, LifeChangers.info was born. LifeChangers has a mission to connect professionals with a new client base using a simple and inclusive site. When she’s not seeing clients or working to grow LifeChangers.Info, you can find Joanna hiking, making terrariums or, well, singing in the car with her kids...likely to Billy Joel or Indigo Girls.